The website is about Bamboo and the role it can play in a beautiful positive ecological, low carbon future for planet earth. It is about the groups and individuals around the world that work with it from INBAR in China to Peru. From the great bamboo architecture of Simon Velez in Colombia to Vo Trong Nghia in Vietnam. It is about the global attempt towards using bamboo to help climate change and CO 2 reduction in the propagation and use of the material from reforestation to emergency housing. It is about housing for Africa, Asia and South America for people that have no access to other materials. This website attempts to create the Global Village out of Bamboo as a sensible material for use in art, architecture and design. This site is also an attempt at creating a great book on Bamboo by soliciting more projects from around the world for future additions and as a international forum for people concerned with bamboo. We value your input if you work in bamboo or know anything about bamboo this website is about you.

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